Reasons Why People Call For A Service Change


The Panel is full

You may only need a larger panel, not a new service, and that will save you money.

Wire entering or exiting meter is cracked or bare in spots.

This is caused by the sun drying out wire jacket and allows water to enter meter or panel that over time will rust them out. 

Lights are "flickering" in areas of the house

Meter base, main, or circuit breaker going bad from age or moisture damage. There also could be a loose wire or defective circuit breaker. 

Storm Damage

Service wire or meter ripped from the house. 

Panel has water in it or has rusted out

This is caused by water penetration and if addressed early enough can be minor. 

Adding a Hot Tub or Addition to the house

Any time you add footage or extra draw to a service you may have to increase amperes.


Circuits are Tripping when I plug 2 things in

Service change will not help this. Individual circuit are over loaded and need to be divided. 

Landlord must install "owner's panel"

Code requires 2 or more tenants in a structure. An owner's panel has to power common circuits.

Have a fuse box and need breakers

Home Inspector says panel is out-dated